Poodle Jump 2 – Happy Jumping

Poodle Jump 2 – Happy Jumping
Poodle Jump 2 – Happy Jumping

TAKE YOUR NEW DOG TO DOODLE LAND FOR A JUMPING STROLL! Keep your happy dog jumping to enjoy the abundance of tasteful bones. Play Poodle Jump 2 – Happy Jumping and hop your way up to the top of the global leaderboard!

Doodle games are about to receive a whole new dimension with Poodle Jump 2 – Happy Jumping! Download free and make your first happy jump!

After Poodle Jump: Fun Jumping Games, we present a mega version of jumping doodle art. This jumping game is easy, fun and addicting! It’s a new game, but leaves the old question: How high can you jump?


◆ Doodle graphics on a crumpled piece of paper

◆ Easy controls: Poodle jumps automatically, so just tilt your phone to point the flying dog to the right direction

◆ Variety of interesting backgrounds and adorable poodles to choose from

◆ Jumping dog flying up to the skies to collect as many bones as possible.

◆ Super-cool power-ups and mega boosts – springs, trampolines, magic potions, kites – you name it!

◆ Compete against your friends, or the whole world, and jump to the top of the global leaderboard.

All of you who have already played the previous version of Poodle Jump will certainly fall in love with the mega jumping experience we have prepared. Who could resist this happy flying dog? You are one click away – DOWNLOAD NOW!


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