Bible Coloring Book – Coloring Games for Kids with Christian Drawings

Bible Coloring Book - Coloring Games for Kids with Christian Drawings
Bible Coloring Book – Coloring Games for Kids with Christian Drawings

If coloring games are something your kids enjoy, BIBLE COLORING BOOK is a great choice for them to LEARN ABOUT JESUS IN A FUN WAY! Download the app & enjoy!


These bible coloring pages will remind you of those activity books for kids we all enjoyed as children. Magnificent Christian coloring books accompanied by many drawings of Jesus, Noah’s ark and Adam and Eve coloring pages will be a great past time coloring in, but you and your children might also learn some things about the Creation itself through coloring games for kids. For a kid who wants to know more about the story of Jesus and 12 apostles, coloring bible drawings is going to be a lot of fun. Bible Coloring Book with lots of Christian drawings is waiting for you: come and get it!


◆ 4 ways to color bible coloring pages: bucket, brush, spray and color pencil
◆ Add stickers and color with patterns
◆ Background music on/off
◆ 10+ color palettes
◆ 20 bible drawings for kids
◆ INSPIRATION: see what your fellow artist users have colored bible coloring pages
◆ Share your art on Facebook, Twitter and/or Instagram
◆ Zoom in for detailed coloring


Choose between many biblical drawings to color with different characters and motives: Noah’s ark, Adam and Eve, crucifixion, the birth of baby Jesus, Moses and many others. Try and tell your children these beautiful stories about these characters while coloring bible drawings and playing coloring games for kids. They will be thrilled knowing that these Creation coloring pages have a background story, one they will hear many times after that. Coloring sheets have always been a great way to entertain your kids, and with Bible Coloring Book, you can make no mistake.

It doesn’t really matter if you are a Christian or not: these biblical drawings to color will be a nice activity for kids of any age. Coloring games for kids have many advantages, and the little ones won’t turn down the opportunity to color Noah’s ark coloring pages with so many different animals. Let your children learn about the life of Jesus Christ: give them this breathtaking Bible Coloring Book and let them express their imagination through these amazing Christian drawings.


◆ Improve motor skills, fine motor movement and handwriting
◆ Improve hand to eye coordination and color perception and recognition
◆ Therapeutic effect: train focusing and calm the mind
◆ Build a self-esteem and confidence among kids when completing the picture
◆ Fun free time activity, but also an excellent educational material
◆ Have influence on personality development starting from early childhood


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