Antonio Vivaldi: Soothing Classical Music


A new app you must have – ANTONIO VIVALDI: SOOTHING CLASSICAL MUSIC. Enjoy the RELAXING SOUNDS OF VIOLIN and masterpieces of BAROQUE MUSIC on your phone!


This music app is suitable for everyone who likes to listen to classical composers or who would like to become more familiar with Vivaldi music and his life. With this app you can play violin concertos like The Four Seasons (Le Quattro Stagioni) and many other Vivaldi’s compositions on your mobile device. The Four Seasons was composed around 1720, and it is one of the most popular compositions of Baroque music. Enjoy listening to “Winter” with its silvery pizzicato notes or “Summer” that evokes a thunderstorm with its energy, which is why the final movement is called “Storm”. In Antonio Vivaldi: Soothing Classical Music app, you can also listen to “Spring” and “Autumn” concertos. Enjoy Laudate Dominum, a magnificent piece of music for unison violins with vocal accompaniment, violin concerto La Stravaganza and amazing flute concertos.


► Simple to use interface design
► Add songs to favorites
► Repeat option for one song or the whole play-list
► Shuffle option to play random songs
► Sleep timer


This music app has all the compositions from Antonio Vivaldi you would want to hear. Vivaldi’s music has a calming and peaceful effect on people so all you have to do is find a place where you can relax and play this awesome classical music app. You can play it as a background music, studying music, use it as relaxing music and it is even suitable as music for children. It is known that listening to classical music has many health benefits. So don’t hesitate and download Antonio Vivaldi: Soothing Classical Music music app. Let the soothing sounds of classical music help you relax and concentrate.

If you are a fan of Mozart music, Beethoven music, Bach music or the works of other famous classical composers, Antonio Vivaldi: Soothing Classical Music app will be a nice addition to your classical music collection.


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