Love Songs and Romantic Music

Getting ready for a romantic dinner or a hot date? Love Songs and Romantic Music will be the ace up your sleeve to provide some slow, ambient music and sounds. Discover why we call this romantic music app The Digital Jukebox of Love Songs. Uncover some great romantic songs with slow piano music you surely haven’t had a chance to hear so far and listen to the best love and romantic instrumental music on the store.


– Listen to slow love music instantly
– Set timer to automatically stop the quiet music when convenient
– High quality audio recordings – collection of hand-picked romantic instrumental music
– Install Love Songs and Romantic Music on SD card
– Different romantic piano music and love songs
– Add to Favorites
– Slow music running in phone background
– Only top quality ambient music and sounds


”Love is like a friendship caught on fire”
– Jeremy Taylor –

Quiet music and love songs are the perfect way to create a romantic atmosphere. Romantic piano music and slow ambient music and sounds will be your allies and will help you create romance very easily. If you are preparing to have a romantic dinner, light a couple of candles, prepare a good meal and hit play to start the Love Songs and Romantic Music playlist. Enjoy several hours of slow romantic music, ambient music and love songs as you are having the most wonderful time with your partner.

Love Songs and Romantic Music is a music app with a collection of slow love songs and romantic instrumental music. To help you relax and enjoy your romantic moment, quiet piano music and ambient sounds will be playing in the background. Enjoy yourselves!

Love songs and romantic songs in the best Love Songs and Romantic Music app.


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