Meditation Music and Relaxing Sounds

Meditation Music

Let the world wash away as you relax during a mindfulness meditation with Meditation Music app. Healing music and gentle tunes help you relax and do your daily meditation to reach Zen.


Every day is its own kind of hectic. Between meetings and emails, deadlines and duties, carving out time to be calm and peaceful can be difficult. Sneak in your meditation between the daily commitments, or sit down for a longer meditation session when you have the time. Let the relaxing music and nature sounds transport you – if only for a moment – to a place of Zen. In part, the Meditation Music app helps you experience that in the comfort of your own home or office – thanks to the relaxing, healing music you choose to play.


● Sit comfortably and listen to relaxing meditation music instantly
● Set timer to automatically stop the zen music when you reach your full state of mindfulness and spirituality or fall asleep
● High quality audio recordings – collection of the best, hand-picked meditation music
● Install Meditation Music on SD card
● Add to Favorites
● Relaxing music running in phone background
● Only top quality healing music and sounds

One of the biggest distractions when trying to meditate is the stream of thoughts running through your head. Pushing thoughts out of your mind requires skill and practice. Regardless of being a beginner or an experienced yogi, the relaxation, healing music you are going to hear will help you reach mindfulness and peace. Sit comfortably, cross your legs, close your eyes and start your mindfulness meditation to reach your spiritual harmony, to get to your place of tranquility.

Do your mindfulness meditation or simply relax with healing Meditation Music.
Unplug from the world for a little bit. You only need a few minutes each day, and you may soon find that with Meditation Music, your stress and anxiety have melted away.


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