Retro Selfie Camera and Photo Filters

Retro Selfie Camera

Retro Selfie Camera and Photo Filters – your new favorite app for creating original selfies. TAKE A PHOTO OF YOUR-BEAUTIFUL-SELF AND LET RETRO SELFIE CAMERA DO THE MAGIC!

This selfie camera has lots of live photo effects and filters you can apply to your photo. A mix of vintage photo filters and various retro camera effects will make your photos tons cooler than they already are. Whether it’s pixel style you prefer or black and white, this camera app has it all! Create beautiful photos and amazing selfies using different filters such Sketch, Vintage Galileo or Chic Polaroid whenever you want. A little selfie masterpiece per day sounds nice, doesn’t it? Download Retro Selfie Camera and Photo Filters and have fun taking amazing photos!


◆ Live camera filters
◆ Choose over 30 camera effects
◆ Random camera filter: if you can’t decide which one to use, let the app do it for you
◆ Add black or white borders to a photo and make it ready for social networks
◆ Timer
◆ Flash Mode
◆ Back and Selfie Camera
◆ Choose pics from gallery to edit them with different effects
◆ Sharing options supported (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc.)

With different camera apps out there, it’s hard to decide which one to install. Don’t bring yourself to a paradox of choice: let Retro Selfie Camera be on the top of your list of favorite camera apps. With all the live photo filters and camera effects, you’ll keep it as No1 for a loooong time. Get your camera, set the app and have fun!


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