Sleep Music and Sounds

Sleep Music and Sounds

Like to doze off with soothing music or nature sounds? Having trouble falling asleep? Download Sleep Music & Sounds and get your beauty sleep with relaxing music, white noise, rain sounds, calming music and more sleep sounds. Listen to soothing, relaxing Sleep Music & Sounds and sleep like a baby!


◉ Sleep Music & Sounds offers a beautiful collection of relaxing music which will help you go to sleep peacefully after a long, stressful day at work.
◉ After studying hard every day, you need some sound sleep with, for example, calming nature sounds to be ready for new challenges the next day or to pass an important test or an exam.
◉ In retirement? Make your naps and sleep more enjoyable with soothing music from this lovely music app.
◉ Help your babies sleep well with lullabies and baby sleep music.

Sleep Music & Sounds is designed to provide calming atmosphere at bed time and you will absolutely love this music app! Download these lovely sleep sounds, share them with your dearest friends and enjoy the best relaxing sleeping music.


▷ Listen to sleep sounds instantly
▷ Set timer to automatically stop the music when you fall asleep
▷ High quality audio recordings – collection of the best, hand-picked sleep music
▷ Install Sleep Music & Sounds on SD card
▷ Different sleep sounds and white noise
▷ Add to Favorites
▷ Relaxing music running in phone background
▷ Only top quality soothing music and sounds


◈ NATURE SOUNDS: For fans of nature, we have hand-picked the most calming rain sounds, ocean sounds, bird sounds and more to help you relax and fall asleep.
◈ SOOTHING MUSIC: Combination of soothing sounds to help you relax, reduce stress and sleep well.
◈ LULLABIES: A great selection of baby lullabies to help parents put their babies to bed.
◈ RELAXING MUSIC: The app will play a soothing white noise, relaxing music and sounds which help people get quality deep sleep whether it is your baby or yourself.


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